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  • Service around heat transfer systems (specializing in thermal oil technology)                                                                                                               

  • Advice and supervision of pre-commissioning checks


  • Expert check / safety check including oil analysis according to Din 4754


  • TÜV support

(Preparatory measures, external and internal and strength tests)


  • Supporting advice in system planning / modernization as an independent specialist


  • Training in the safe handling of the system, increasing the system availability


  • Oil change, filter cleaning etc.


  • Assembly of individual components, e.g. pump replacement / control valves                                                                                                                         

  • Dismantling of old systems


  • Disturbance and troubleshooting


  • Support in the implementation of conversion / retrofitting, optimization and modernization of systems


  • Commissioning of Weishaupt burners (WG / WM / WK) s


  • Complete commissioning in cooperation with heat transfer system manufacturers


  • Service partner for heat transfer system manufacturers


  • Pressure testing of pipes and vessels


  • Cooperation with manufacturers and engineers



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